Independant VR Studio - 2017 / 2020

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VRDTMStudio - The new French VR Studio

We are new, we are french, we are VR.

VRDTSStudio is a new video game development studio in VR


The first project by VRDTMStudio - Download Link

ALPHA version avaliable on oculus store for free soon...

NiceWorld is puzzle reflexion game. Get ready to immerse yourself in a new world full of surprises.

Many levels, various gameplay and challenging maps are waiting for you.

but will you be able to overcome Niceworld and unlock more and more accessories, gameplay, fun ...

Beta release scheduled for early 2018

02/01/2018 Edit : sadely, we'ven't pass throw the Oculus performance tests
for deploy on the store because of tiny uncomprehensible clipping thing.
We are still working on it, and we are also working on a new awsome game, incoming with an epic gameplay!
Check Ultimate Western Battle for more informations about it.
For now : We release here a stable version of NiceWord, free (of course) and more optimized.
You can download it by clicking on this Download Link.
We can't wait to know what do you thing about NiceWorld and what you want for the 2de World.
have fun and good luck, You'll need it! :)

Ultimalte Western Duel

The new project by VRDTMStudio

It's just the begenning...

Are you ready for the duel? be fast, shoot clean and keed your cold blood...

Beta release scheduled for early 2018 (Yes, we are on fire)

08/01/2018 Edit : Check out this short gameplay video... Want some more? :p


Something awsome is coming out...

It's just the begenning...

Download the Launcher NOW !

Download Launcher

Some Screen, just for you guys!

Check this out:p

Slyvek is growing so fast, we are very exited!
there is now a fast and stable Server/Client proto'. You can play with your friend !
We are working for you. Any time, any conditions... Soon !

What Next

Maybe some zombies' stuff ?

Tell us What you want !

We have a zombie FPS, almost ready to be played. it's Unoptimized, no so beautifull, and the AI is quite dummy,
But, it's toadly playable and quite funny! Also we want it to be an Online Multiplayer Game,
we don't have any server, any ressources and any time for it because of our other projetcs. So tell us :
What do you want for next step ?

  • Should we focus on NiceWorld, keep designing new levels and map?
  • Should we focus onUWD? (I love this one, the gameplay is awsome!)
  • Or do you want an other VR Zombies game? (Have to said that.. Zombies are pretty cool)
Tell us on our tweeter, facebook, on send us your feedback on a mail. You are Awsome, guys.