.NET Encryption Helper API

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KeksEncryption is a simple C# solution for File, byte array and text Encryption/Decryption
A lot of Cipher are avaliable from AES to Custom encryption protocols.
.NEt Freamwork 3.5, compatible unity 5 and .NET Core

Getting Started

First download the project.
You can include the project directly in your project.
On open the solution and build the project ‘KeksEncryptor’, it will generate a .dll file.
Just include the .DLL to your project’s references.

Globale Usage

start by adding the following line :

using KeksEncryptor;

The Main entry point for any usage is the static ‘Encryption’ class.
Before encrypt or decrypt anything, first choose a Cipher by typing

Encryption.SetEncryptor([EncryptorType], [optional : password]);

You can now Encrypt and Decrypt file, byte array or plaintext

Avaliable Encryptors

Encrypt / Decrypt Files

    Encryption.SetEncryptor(EncryptorType.AES, "password");

Encrypt / Decrypt byte[]

    byte[] encrypted = Encryption.EncryptFile(new byte[]{ 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 });
    byte[] decrypted = Encryption.DecryptFile(byte[]);

Encrypt / Decrypt text (string)

    Encryption.SetEncryptor(EncryptorType.SimplePasswordedCipher, "password");
    string encryptedText = Encryption.Encrypt("test", EncodingType.UTF8);
    string decryptedText = Encryption.Encrypt(encryptedText, EncodingType.UTF8);

interSoftware Key and IV Sharing

When using AES/Rijndael Ciphers, you usualy can Decrypt only in the software that encrypt.
KeksEncryption Allow you ro generate encypted binary (.bin) files that you can use to keep the Key and IV from a software to another.
For exemple, AES/Rijndael encrypt a file in a C# console, and decrypt the same file in a Unity scipt.

Encryption’s side :

    Encryption.SetEncryptor(EncryptorType.Rijndael, "password");
    // save the current Rijndael Key and IV

Decryption’s side :

    Encryption.SetEncryptor(EncryptorType.Rijndael, "password"); // new Key and IV are now generated
    // Get Rijndael Key and IV
    Encryption.SetEncryptorKeyFromFile(path); // Key and IV are now the same that for the Encryption